Business & IT Traineeship at Rabobank

Become a digital leader: Develop at the interface of Business & IT within Rabobank! APPLICATION DEADLINE 16 DECEMBER.

  • New
  • Traineeship
  • Rabobank
  • 2 jaar
  • Incompany
  • Utrecht - Also open for internationals
  • Challenging Business & IT projects within Rabobank
  • 30 days personal development trainings by ORMIT
  • 50 days IT skill training by Rabobank
  • Your personal ORMIT Coach
  • Be inspired by your fellow trainees and colleagues
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Kick-start your career at the interface of business and IT within Rabobank.

The financial world is changing and today's challenges will be resolved using tomorrow's technologies. In this traineeship, you will learn how to develop your own technological solutions, among other things. Moreover, you will learn how to navigate between the interests of different stakeholders within Rabobank, how to generate support for your ideas and how to realise a successful implementation. This combination is what sets apart the traineeship, which is a co-creation with ORMIT.

The successful IT professional of the future will be proactive, creative and capable of identifying various interests and challenges in order to deliver custom IT solutions. ORMIT and Rabobank will train you to do exactly that!

By offering you a unique development programme, ORMIT and Rabobank provide your career with an immediate and strong boost at the interface of business & IT. Over the course of this two-year programme, you will enrich your knowledge of various software and business process management tools such as PEGA and Java during 50 days of training provided by Rabobank. At the same time, you will take part in an extensive and intensive programme of training and coaching, which will be aimed entirely at the optimum development of your individual talents. In addition to the focus on content and personal development, the traineeship will also test your merit in a number of challenging roles within Rabobank. We will help you to realise your ultimate goal of a successful career in Business & IT.

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Development is key

Discover and develop your unique talents and learn how to use them to make impact within Rabobank.

Challenging assignments within Rabobank

you will spend a period of two years working on challenging IT assignments and other initiatives within the Rabobank organisation.

ORMIT is a social experience

Be inspired by our coaches, trainers and trainees and enjoy our educational and fun activities.

This is how we do it!

  • On the job learning You will spend a period of two years working on challenging IT projects and other initiatives within the Rabobank organisation.
  • Development program You will complete a two-year traineeship, including an intensive training and development programme focused on software development and business analysis (total of 50 days) as well as on your personal development as a young professional (total of 25 days).
  • Coaching A personal ORMIT Talent Development Manager (TDM) and Senior Managers from Rabobank will help you to identify and apply your own strengths more effectively in order to achieve good project results and drastically improve your learning speed as a professional.
  • Peer to peer learning Peer review sessions will give you an opportunity to exchange knowledge with your fellow trainees and learn from one another. This also means feedback that cuts to the chase, honest observations and enduring friendships.
  • ORMIT is a great place to work For the eleventh time, ORMIT has won an award for its organisational culture this year. In other words, now is your chance of being employed at a Great Place to Work with enthusiastic colleagues in a culture characterised by pride, pleasure and trust!

About Rabobank

Rabobank Group is an international financial services provider with its roots in the Netherlands. Through courage and dedication, Rabobank strives to help resolve the societal problems of today. Its stated mission is to 'Grow a better world together'. Rabobank offers banking, asset management, leasing, insurance and property services. The bank focuses on providing a broad range of financial services in the Netherlands and abroad, particularly to clients in the food and agricultural industry.

The best of both worlds

This traineeship is the result of a partnership between ORMIT and Rabobank. Rabobank provides an opportunity to expand your knowledge quickly by means of a substantive training programme, combined with practical assignments that have a major impact. In turn, ORMIT specialises in developing talent and leadership while focusing on your personal growth, your strength in forging connections and your ability actually to implement solutions. After all, your individual impact will depend on your ability to create sufficient support for your IT solutions within the Rabobank organisation. This combination of personal and professional development ensures that you can make the most of your potential as an IT professional!

What will you need to do?

During this two-year programme, you will develop into a full-fledged IT professional who not only understands the complexity of modern applications within Rabobank but also grasps how these applications contribute to achieving the bank's objectives. You will take on a variety of projects in which you will immediately apply your newly acquired knowledge. You will work in multidisciplinary teams and achieve the desired result together. At the end of the two-year traineeship, you will take up a position within Rabobank as an allround Software Engineer.


"In my role as business analyst, I serve as a linchpin connecting the IT and business aspects. I translate the needs from the commercial side into technical IT solutions."
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By Max Drenth

ORMIT & Rabobank Trainee

ORMIT & Rabobank development program.

    Personal Development Training - 25 days     IT skills - 50 days
 Kick off - Welcome to Rabobank & ORMIT!  Scrum & Agile way of working
 Learning Agility Workshop  PEGA SAS
 Communcation Boost  PEGA CBA
 Personal Insights  PEGA CSA
 Outdoor Personal Leadership  PEGA CSSA
 Fresh perspective session  Testing for non testers
 Communcation marathon  Introduction to corporate lending
 Self confidence & Stress Management  Business analyst essentials
 Advisory skills  Business functions modelling
 Communcation marathon 2  Information needs analysis
 Stakeholder engagement  Data modelling
 Presenting with visuals  Business process modelling
 Facilitating workshops  Basics of Java
 Insight & Infuence development lab  ITIL Foundation
 Personal Branding  Monitoring Tooling


Do you have what it takes?

Kickstart your carreer at ORMIT

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This is all we ask

  • Have an affinity with IT! Have the courage as well as the drive to put forward new ideas and encourage innovation;
  • Have completed an academic Master's;
  • Have developed your talents through a variety of extracurricular activities;
  • Have at least two years' full-time work experience; 
  • Speak fluent Dutch and good English, or speak fluent English (preferably with a basic command of Dutch);
  • Cooperate easily with colleagues and stakeholders from different departments and cultural backgrounds.

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This is what you can expect in the oncoming two tweeks

  • We will review your application
  • Invite you for an online capacity test
  • Invite you for the first round of interviews
  • Invite you for the ORMIT Assessment
  • Welcome you into our organisations

Arlette van Lint - Corporate Recruiter
+31 (06)-57057672

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