ORMIT & ASML Customer Support Management Traineeship

Leave your mark at the beating heart of the organisation and lay the groundwork for an international management career at ASML!

  • Traineeship
  • ASML
  • 2 years
  • Incompany
  • Veldhoven
  • Unfortunately you can no longer apply for this Traineeship
  • Challenging and complex projects at ASML's Customer Support department
  • Intensive ORMIT training program focused on leadership qualities and innovative project management
  • Your own coach at ORMIT and mentor at ASML 
  • Become an international project coordinator!
  • Start date: as soon as possible
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ORMIT & ASML Customer Support Management Traineeship

Are you ready to kick-start your career at ASML? Complete our intensive development programme and take on the daunting task of being a Business Planner with ASML’s Customer Support department, where you will leave your mark on processes occurring at the beating heart of the organisation and lay the groundwork for an international management career at ASML.

ASML’s Customer Support department

To ASML’s clients, the Customer Support department is the face of ASML. The Customer Support department consists of approximately 4,500 employees worldwide and is responsible for the full support of ASML’s clients, ranging from the installation of the machines to their maintenance. In addition, the Customer Support department draws up the budgets for all of ASML’s international customer support activities. You will play a crucial part in this process!

During this Traineeship you will draw up the right budgets, based on the resources required for the support activities carried out for and at ASML’s clients. In so doing, you will take into account costs, quality and efficiency. In addition, you will engage in data-driven optimisation of the planning process: how can ASML plan its enormously complex customer support organisation even more efficiently? Among other things, you will look at the process of ‘time writing’ for all 23,000 of ASML’s employees in order to gain a good understanding of what actually happens on the shop floor. Furthermore, you will carry out studies at our clients’ premises or roll out new solutions for ASML staff working in the field.

In order to convince ASML that your suggestions for improvement are worthwhile, you will have to present fact-based arguments. Please be aware that a tremendous amount of data is generated in this department, and that we communicate effectively and directly about this data. Therefore, it is vital that you feel comfortable in a data-driven environment!

So what will be your role?

During the first few months, you will get to know our highly complex customer support system, after which you will be allowed to work as a Business Planner. In order to broaden and deepen your knowledge, you will be assigned to several quality improvement projects, through which you will contribute to the professional development of ASML’s Customer Support department.

A glimpse of what your traineeship will look like

  • Outdoor kickoff! We will start the traineeship with an outdoor kick off. In this way you will get to know your other trainees well within a split second.
  • The ORMIT Development Program You will learn more about yourself. You will use the input from your trainings, peer to peer coaching to grow as a Business Planner at ASML.
  • Create Impact The focus of the second year lies on teamwork and your impact on others. With targeted feedback, out-of-the-box trainings and on-the-job iterations, you will grow every day.
  • The stepping stone to a beautiful career at ASML! After two years, you are fully aware of your strong suit and what gives you energy. Everything you have discovered, learned and experienced will ensure a continued growth as a professional at ASML!

About ASML

ASML is a successful Dutch high tech company that produces complex lithographic machines which supply chip producers with the necessary production capabilities for IC’s. ASML is a precursor in the world of technology and delivers systems to all leading chip producers worldwide.

The more than 23.000 employees of ASML are part of the most creative thinkers in physics, mathematics, chemistry, mechatronics, optics, mechanics, software and computer science.

On a daily basis, they work together in close multidisciplinary teams where they listen to and learn from each other and share ideas. It is the ideal work environment for professional development and personal growth.

What exactly is the ORMIT development programme?

ORMIT has been perfecting its development programme since 1994. Our formula for developing personal leadership qualities in talented individuals has proved successful time and again! We will accelerate your personal growth at ASML’s Customer Support department by combining the following elements:

  • During a two-year stint at ASML’s Customer Support department, you will be assigned to increasingly challenging projects of ever greater complexity.
  • You will participate in an intensive two-year training programme focused on your leadership qualities and on innovative process and improvement management. - You will be assigned a personal Talent Development Manager who will provide you with feedback on your development.
  • You will attend intervision meetings, which are designed to stimulate knowledge exchange and learning among ASML staff. This means feedback that cuts to the chase, honest observations and enduring friendships.
  • The ORMIT Experience: being employed at a great place to work, with enthusiastic colleagues, in a culture characterised by pride, pleasure and trust!

The combination of experience and development will accelerate your growth into your professional role.

What follows after the Traineeship?

Upon your successful completion of this traineeship, you will be offered a job at ASML. Thanks to the experience you have gained at the beating heart of the organisation, you will be very knowledgeable about ASML’s processes, which will make you an interesting candidate for a management position in ASML’s international operations. The ORMIT development programme will ensure that you have superb leadership skills as well as an excellent understanding of the job.

What we ask from you…..

  • Unfortunately you can no longer apply for this Traineeship
  • A technical OR a business-oriented academic Master's degree;
  • 0 – 2 years professional experience;
  • Excellent proficiency in English;
  • Relevant extracurricular activities are an advantage;
  • Strong affinity with technology and improvement of processes;
  • A love for planning, puzzles and data;
  • Cultural awareness and a willingness to travel;
  • A can-do mentality that allows you to convert ideas into results;
  • Stakeholder management skills.

Personality Profile

You thrive and perform well in a dynamic environment and relish the idea of using your fresh perspective to boost the professional development drive at ASML’s Customer Support department. You love improving processes and derive great satisfaction from the complex planning of ASML resources. You are determined to master the complex matter associated with ASML’s Customer Support department quickly and have the social skills you need to communicate effectively with people from all layers of the organisation. You perform correct data-driven analyses, show initiative and demonstrate courage and perseverance. You bring stakeholders together and your door is always open to them, making you an ambassador of change who knows how to achieve concrete and sustainable results.

Are you the talent we seek? Take on the challenge at ASML and let us know!

Do you have what it takes?

Kickstart your career ORMIT & ASML!

This is what you can expect in the oncoming two weeks...

  • Unfortunately you can no longer apply for this Traineeship
  • We will review your application
  • Invite you for an online capacity test
  • Invite you for the first round of interviews
  • Invite you for the ORMIT Assessment
  • You will meet the people at ASML
  • We welcome you at ORMIT and ASML!

Contact our Corporate Recruiter Arlette van Lint 
Preferably via WhatsApp! +31(0)6 5705 76 72