Pyramid helps ORMIT realise growth plans

Ormit's shares used to be held entirely by ORMIT management, Bolster Investment Partners and TIIN Capital. ORMIT management has reinvested and currently holds 25% of shares, with new shareholder Pyamid NV holding a stake of 75%.

"After 8 years of fruitful cooperation, our financial investors wanted to capitalise the accumulated value," says Hetty van Ee, Managing Director at ORMIT Group. "As such, we started looking for a new shareholder who shares our vision, values and ambitions for growth. We were looking for a shareholder who was equally passionate about our ORMIT concept and wanted to contribute to further growth. In recent years, ORMIT has started making increasingly more custom traineeships for various great organisations in the Netherlands and Belgium. Thanks to our appealing position in the labour market, we can offer our customers access to top-notch international talents. ORMIT is tremendously popular in the labour market and among its customers because we develop future leaders and professionals who can contribute to transformations within organisations thanks to their personal leadership skills.

In today's age of constant change, it is especially important that people know how to connect with and inspire others. That is why developing behaviour is so important: knowledge is quickly obsolete and outdated nowadays. This concept appeals both to young top-notch talents and to organisations, which has allowed ORMIT to grow into a position where it aspires to seize new (international) opportunities. We want to expand and were looking for a party willing to support us in the process. Ultimately, we opted for Pyramid NV, the HR investment group headed by 3D-Investments and Bert Pauwels."

"3D-Investments is a Belgian investment company that invests in companies with great potential for growth. 3D-Investments had always emphasised long-term processes and honest, transparent business, common sense and enthusiasm. Bert Pauwels is the founder and managing director of Pauwels Consulting, the primary Belgian consultancy firm in the field of engineering, life sciences and IT. We're delighted with this new partnership", says Hans Swinnen, chairman of the board of directors of Pyramid NV and partner at 3D-Investments.

"With this share transfer, ORMIT can continue to grow as an independent company, whilst reinforcing our brand with the same group of driven colleagues and the same set of values that are so important to us," says Hetty van Ee. "We will continue to find, develop and connect top-notch talents for our participants and look forward to realising our plans for growth in cooperation with Pyramid NV!"