Cedeo issues first quality standard for Trainees to ORMIT Group

Cedeo has awarded the very first new Trainees accreditation to ORMIT Group. The quality standard offers security to HR professionals and managers who wish to engage trainees. The basis for accreditation is a satisfaction survey among ORMIT clients in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Cedeo keurmerk persbericht

From left to right: Ingrid van Tienen (deputy director ORMIT Group), Ruud Wink (manager Cedeo), Hetty van Ee (managing director ORMIT Group) and Thomas de Wulf (managing director ORMIT Belgium)


Ruud Wink, manager at Cedeo: ‘With this new accreditation we want to provide HR managers with a robust selection criterion for hiring trainees. None of our existing quality standards quite fit the bill. Suppliers of interim assignments, for example, comes close but does not do justice to the development programme that ORMIT has created for its trainees.’

‘Each entry-level position with some mentoring and a handful of courses is called a traineeship nowadays. There’s a danger the term traineeship becomes blunted where you can’t see the wood for the trees anymore. It’s about time the haze cleared for sharper visions’, says Ingrid van Tienen, assistant director at ORMIT.

Wheat from the chaff

Cedeo has concluded, after the surveys in the Netherlands and Belgium, that ORMIT’s scores are outstanding. Van Tienen: ‘’We want clients to score us 9+, it is fantastic that the Cedeo survey confirms this. It is important to maintain these excellent scores, as the drive for continuous improvement is in ORMIT’s DNA.’ She encourages other providers of traineeships to report for testing duty. ‘It would be great if more agencies started calling on Cedeo, it is to our advantage for the wheat to be separated from the chaff in our market.’


Cedeo has been testing and accrediting service providers for their quality since 1980, and is part of Lloyd’s register, a global authority for certification, quality and safety. The Cedeo Trainees accreditation is the latest addition. Wink: ‘We assessed the customer satisfaction of ten organisations in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is our first survey on traineeships and ORMIT’s scores are outstanding. A report like this comes along once in a blue moon.’

About Cedeo

Cedeo is the independent certifying body for the HR sector. Using periodic customer satisfaction surveys among clients from the business community, government and the non-profit sector, Cedeo assesses the providers on quality, continuity and customer focus. Organisations with Cedeo accreditation are included in the public register of qualified service providers, available to view on the Cedeo website. Cedeo is part of Lloyd’s register, a global authority for certification, quality and safety.

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