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ORMIT Best Workplace for 14th consecutive year

Best Practices for good employment in corona times

27 March

ORMIT has been declared a Best Workplace for the 14th year in a row today. During an online award show of Great Place To Work we received this recognition for good employment practices. “It is precisely in this era of corona that organizations with good employment practices can make a difference for employees,” says Nick Hoogendoorn (board member of ORMIT Group).

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Best practices in an online edition

In a special online edition (in Dutch), we would like to share some examples of how we have implemented good employment practices in times of corona. How do you as an organization deal with recruiting, selecting, welcoming, sharing, celebrating, developing and caring in this uncertain time? This way, we hope to inspire other organizations and contribute to the ideas of Great Place To Work. You can download this publication here for free.

All employees are responsible for the success of ORMIT

ORMIT has been participating in the Great Place to Work survey for 14 years. Nick Hoogendoorn: “All employees together are responsible for the success of ORMIT. Working at ORMIT should inspire our talents to develop their own leadership style. With the aim that they experience the power of good employment practice and later manage themselves from good employment practices. It would be very nice if our talents contribute to the creation of many more Great Place To Work organizations! Through good employment practices, we want to create a working environment in which employees gain confidence, space and responsibility and apply that to their talents. ”

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