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"We do what it takes in the world of finance."

ORMIT and the Rabobank

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By Nadine Vincent

Trainee at Rabobank

After spending time at ABN AMRO and DSM, Nadine Vincent's next stop in the ORMIT Multicompany traineeship is in Rabobank International's international direct banking department. Her assignment consists of harmonising the online savings banks in Belgium, Germany and Ireland. We met her and Jeroen Meerburg, general manager of the department, to talk about her time at Rabobank.

Why did Rabobank choose Nadine? 

Jeroen Meerburg: One of the managers used to work at ORMIT and saw that there were opportunities here for a trainee. We also included other candidates, some of whom came from our own traineeship, in the selection process, but Nadine topped the lot. She radiates energy, is open-minded, has an open attitude and finds it easy to talk to people. She's very eager to learn, but she isn't a know-it-all. You can clearly see that she can already rely on experience in other larger organisations. Nadine handles change processes very professionally: she has a good understanding of the compromise game. At times you can see what she's really thinking in her eyes, but she's also professional enough to admit when her plate is full.

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Rabobank makes big plays.

Did you quickly feel at home at Rabobank International? 

Absolutely. The department is in the middle of a change programme and has a special place in the bank. Working in such a close-knit group gives me a lot of energy. The work is very varied: you're always juggling a number of balls every day. The programme is cost-driven, with a focus on working more efficiently. Everyone here has a tremendously enterprising nature: we've been doing what it takes in the world of finance for years now. Designing a fully online environment, in which our customers make the difference, that's the future. I was particularly drawn to Rabobank because of their ambitious goals.

How much responsibility can trainees handle, Jeroen? 

Jeroen: Fundamentally, I believe that it's not easy to give someone too much responsibility. We steadily expanded Nadine's tasks and duties by gradually giving her more and more responsibility. If something isn't 100% right, reacting angrily or becoming frustrated won't help. I try to turn these situations into learning experiences, but that does mean that trainees have to be open to feedback, which is definitely the case for Nadine. She doesn't get defensive and is open to learning.

"That does mean that trainees have to be open to feedback, which is definitely the case for Nadine. She doesn't get defensive and is open to learning."
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By Jeroen Meerburg

Department General Manager

How would you describe working with your manager Jeroen? 

Nadine: I love working with Jeroen. He is genuinely interested and asks a lot of questions, which is something not all managers do. When we talk about progress in certain projects, we do so in an open discussion: Jeroen really wants to know how you're doing! One of Jeroen's great strengths is that he gives you a lot of space, which was a whole new experience for me, especially in a strategic project that required substantial investment. He makes sure that you know the basic requirements and you can always knock on his door for help or advice. If something goes wrong, he thinks about which role he played in the situation (should he have asked questions earlier on, what could he have done?), rather than getting to the bottom of what went wrong or analysing who made a mistake. For me, that shows incredible strength.

Is that right Jeroen? 

Jeroen: I let go of control a lot, which means things sometimes don't go as I would have wanted them to. If it turns out that you needed me at an earlier stage, I want you to tell me. I'm not one to point the finger and tell you ‘this should have been done better'. Giving people that responsibility has many advantages: you see that they turn their strengths into success. Micromanagement is severely outdated, in my opinion.