Life after ORMIT

Interview with Marleen Portengen

Who are you?

I am Marleen and I'm curious, involved and solution-oriented!

When did you join ORMIT and what have you done after? 

From January 2015 to July 2017 I was employed by ORMIT. After that I first enjoyed a 5 month vacation. During this vacation I received a Whatsapp message from a former colleague of DELA if I wanted to do an assignment as a freelancer, after my vacation. After 8 months at DELA as a Customer Traveler, I knew I didn't want to stay in Marketing, but really wanted to focus on process management. Then, the vacancy Process Engineer at Coolblue came by, where I started in September 2018. I had expected that this young, fast and customer-oriented organization would suit me, but the opposite was true. I discovered that I want to bring rejuvenation, speed and a customer-oriented attitude to an organization.

Where do you work now and what do you do?

At the moment I am working at DELA again. Last April, I submitted my resignation to Coolblue. After my leaving, I received a vacancy from a former  colleague for Process Manager at DELA, the same colleague who had brought me in earlier. After a vacation in June and May, I have been back at DELA as Process Manager.

What achievement - after ORMIT - are you most proud of?

Where I am at the moment. I am happy with my firm confidence that everything will be alright. That makes me dare to make decisions based on my feelings and intuition, even when these decisions seem unwise. I dared to say "no" to a permanent job at DELA to work at Coolblue within the area in which I want to develop. If the role fits, but I don't have an organizational click, I dare to resign. I am proud that this later resulted in a permanent job at DELA as Process Manager.

What are your current personal development challenges?

While answering this question I realize how important ORMIT has been in my development: both professional and personal. For the coming year I have registered for training courses and exams that are more focused on knowledge and skills (LEAN and the Scaled Agile Framework). With the help of coaching I am putting my focus on how I can be less solution-oriented. That may sound strange, but I regularly face problems whereby I try to come up with a solution too quickly. This results in me dealing with the problem myself or, even worse, me not giving others the space to come up with a solution. So I deliberately try to make room for a problem before we pick it up.

What would you say to a starting ORMIT'er?

Congratulations! What a great step in your career. Consider this, celebrate it and be proud of yourself. There is often a natural tendency to be busy again with the next step, such as an assignment, partner organization, training or your personal development. That drive has probably brought you here, among other things, so definitely something to cherish. Howeber, then you rob yourself of cherishing where you are at the moment. Making room for those moments to see what you have now instead of what is (perhaps) to come is important, and above all, fun!