Meet & Eat 4th of September

What does our development programme look like? Which challenging assignments do we have to offer? What is the application process like? Drop by and have all your questions answered!


Expand your knowledge.

You're more than welcome in ORMIT's ‘de Drie Gravinnen' building to experience our culture. Discover everything there is to know about our unique traineeships, our development programme and the challenging assignments and great opportunities we have to offer! Meet recruiters and trainees and ask any questions you may have.


Come and meet us!

This lunch is for you, so feel free to ask all your questions. Besides, this can be a great way to prepare for the application process.

Meet & Eat

The 14th of March is the day! Join us for lunch at ‘de Drie Gravinnen' and experience the culture at ORMIT.

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What do you need?

• Master's degree (completed or in progress) Preferably (but not necessarily) in a management, technology or digital field.

• Extracurriculars. E.g. work in a committee or a full committee year, your own start-up, experience abroad, relevant internships, relevant work experience, top-level athletic experience, etc.

If you've already started the application process and no in-house day has been scheduled in the near future, there's no need to worry!

Join us for lunch at the ORMIT Meet & Eat event! We organise this event almost every fortnight between 11.00 and 13.00. It's a great way to taste the atmosphere in our office and to meet our trainees and recruiters. We'd love to tell you more about what ORMIT has to offer at the start of your career. This lunch is also a great opportunity to ask all your questions! You might want to know what our development programme looks like, for instance, which challenging assignments we have to offer, and what our application process is like. Please feel free to ask anything you want to know! Besides, we'll also give you good tips to tweak your CV. If you're enthusiastic and curious to find out more about ORMIT, send us your CV and let us know that you'd like to join us for lunch!

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