ORMIT & Ericsson Business and Solutions Traineeship

Connecting high-tech innovation to customer needs. Realize your full potential in this development program of Ericsson and ORMIT!

  • New
  • Traineeship
  • 2 years
  • Incompany
  • Netherlands - Rijen
  • Three challenging projects at Ericsson
  • An intensive two-year development program focused on personal leadership, project management, sales and innovation
  • Your own ORMIT coach and senior managers at Ericsson as mentors
  • Next assessment day: 27th of January
  • Start February (or soon after that)
  • Apply now! 
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Recognize yourself!

Would you like to contribute to a society in which everything and everyone is connected in real time? In which communication systems facilitate innovation, cooperation, freedom and solutions that know no boundaries? Are you the talent that makes pioneering technology and services accessible to customers? If so, an ORMIT & Ericsson Business and Solutions Traineeship is perfect for you!

For the ORMIT & Ericsson Business and Solutions Traineeship, we are looking for driven management talent who can take the possibilities of the latest technology and match them with the needs of Ericsson's customers. You know how to exploit the commercial potential of Ericsson's high-tech innovations. You are keen to immerse yourself in the latest developments in both technology and the market. You are able to spot opportunities and respond skilfully to them by getting your colleagues and customers on board. It does not end with ideas. Together with your project team, you also ensure that they are implemented and that you meet the customer's high expectations. You are pragmatic and flexible in your approach and think in terms of opportunities and possibilities. In order to realise the challenging assignments at Ericsson and get the most out of yourself, you will undergo an intensive development program at ORMIT. This program is aimed at your professional as well as your personal development.

Create impact

Ericsson is a prominent company in information and communication technology (ICT) for telecoms and service providers. Ericsson is leading this B2B market with 5G technology. In addition, it is essential to meet customer demands optimally. Services and technologies must be easy to use, adaptable and scalable. This is where outstanding talent like you comes in. At Ericsson Netherlands, you will be dedicated to making sure that telecoms operators and service providers can serve their business and their customer base and grow them in a safe manner.

Based on your background and ambitions we will make the best possible match with challenging assignments at Ericsson. These assignments are designed to get you acquainted with the Ericsson organisation and services across the organisation and to allow you to make an impact. In the span of two years you will complete three assignments, each of which will take approximately eight months. You will rotate within three departments at Ericsson Netherlands: your assignments will be in a key account (Sales), Product & Software Development and Customer Projects/Digital Services. Over the course of the traineeship, the complexity and responsibility of these assignments will increase significantly. After starting out as a participant in a project group, you will soon advance to project leader and subsequently to complex projects in which change management plays a key role. You will take your insights and innovative ideas with you from department to department. You will also be given space to apply your creative ideas, simplify work processes and introduce new ways of working and project management.

Meet Ericsson & ORMIT in this video

Joris de Bakker ORMIT and Ericsson
  • Challenging projects at Ericsson During this two year program you will take on different roles within different business units of Ericsson. Your responsibilities and projects are becoming increasingly challenging and will grow in impact, complexity and stakeholder management.
  • Focus on yourself - focus on others The first year of this Traineeship will focus on you. The second year will focus on collaboration and leading others. With usefull feedback, out-of-the-box trainings and on-the-job practicing you will grow every day.
  • Intensive education and training program Consisting of subject-oriented certification courses and training days from ORMIT (around 27 days in total during two years). Develop your communication skills, stakeholder management, an extensive toolkit of project, process and change management and self-insight to excel as a young professional.
  • Intervision with other ORMIT trainees To learn from -and with- fellow trainees, also known as your 'pool friends'. This means straightforward feedback, honest observations and lasting friendships.
  • Coaching by an ORMIT coach Your coach helps you to develop to your maximum potential.

Your career at Ericsson

We are looking for talented people who have the ambition to work in a technical-commercial environment. It is important that you have an entrepreneurial, customer-oriented attitude, that you are able to think quickly and creatively and that you can listen well. You are curious about the latest digital developments and your enthusiasm is contagious. You make contact easily, you are a team player, you are proactive and you are capable of winning other people over to your way of thinking and acting. Innovating, improving and selling gives you energy. Above all, you want to optimise your personal and professional development!


ORMIT is a specialist in talent and leadership development. We make organisations and people more successful by helping them develop fully and apply their talents. We have been doing this successfully for over 25 years! In addition, we have been rated a Great Place to Work for 13 years and we are the first CEDEO Traineeship certified organisation in the Netherlands.

Do you have what it takes?

Kickstart your ORMIT career

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What we ask of you:

  • Master's of Science degree (MSc) in a technical, digital or business administration area
  • 0 to 2 years' relevant professional experience
  • Extra-curricular activities are a plus. Examples include relevant internships or working experience, a year in a board position, your own business/project or experience abroad.
  • A passion for bringing together technology and market opportunities
  • An innovative mindset and a proactive attitude
  • A pragmatic and customer-oriented approach
  • Stakeholder management (internal and towards customers)
  • Excellent command of English
  • The desire to optimise your personal and professional development

What you can expect from us:

  1. We will evaluate your CV and motivation
  2. We will send you an online capacity test
  3. We will invite you for two face-to-face interviews at our office
  4. We will invite you to the ORMIT assessment day (January 27th)
  5. We will welcome you to ORMIT!

Do you have any questions? 

Please contact our Corporate Recruiter Arlette van Lint +31(0)657057672. Preferably via WhatsApp. That way we can also make an appointment to have a call.

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