ORMIT & ASML PMO Traineeship

Start your career at ASML and contribute to world class program-and project management!

  • New
  • Traineeship
  • 2 years
  • Incompany
  • Veldhoven
  • Challenging roles and complex projects at ASML PMO Business Line
  • An intensive ORMIT training program focusing on personal leadership, team work and project management 
  • Your own coach at ORMIT and managers at ASML as your mentors!
  • Start date: April 2020

Recognize yourself!

Are you a talent with a passion for technology, project- and program management with a focus on continuous improvement? Are you willing to take off your career at one of the biggest and most successful high-tech companies in the world? Then we are looking for you! ORMIT and ASML offer you a chance to take part in a 2-year “state of the art” traineeship within the Program Management Office of ASML Business Lines.

The ASML Program Management Office (PMO) Traineeship

ORMIT and ASML offer you a chance to take part in a 2-year “state of the art” traineeship within the Program Management Office of ASML Business Lines. In this intensive traineeship you will be prepared for a challenging job within this international high-tech company by executing one (or more) operational role(s) in combination with an extensive personal and professional development program.

You are part of the Business Line PMO team and together with your colleagues and internal customers, you are responsible for driving the roll-out and embedding of project (program) standards and processes related to a.o. project planning, product generation process, effective decision making, reporting, change control, risk management and quality.

You will (have the opportunity to) participate, drive, lead & implement cross PMO improvements projects. You will pro-actively assist, enable and challenge all stakeholders to contribute to efficient product development. You will do this in cooperation with colleagues in involved sectors, such as Finance, Development & Engineering, Manufacturing and Customer Support.

Ambitious and enthusiastic

You need to have shown your talent in both your studies and various additional extracurricular activities. We're looking for enthusiastic talented people with the ambition to make a difference at ASML and the willingness to invest in themselves. This demands personal leadership along with a combination of the ability to bring people together and to learn. You focus on people as well as on results, are personally driven and flexible. These are the characteristics ORMIT is known for. It's what we look for and promise to the companies we work with.

A glimpse of what your traineeship will look like!

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  • Outdoor kickoff! We will start the traineeship with an outdoor kick off. In this way you will get to know your other trainees well within a split second.
  • The ORMIT Development Program You will learn more about yourself. You will use the input from your trainings, peer to peer coaching to grow as a PMO within ASML.
  • Create Impact The focus of the second year lies on teamwork and your impact on others. With targeted feedback, out-of-the-box trainings and on-the-job iterations, you will grow every day.
  • The stepping stone to a beautiful career at ASML! After two years, you are fully aware of your strengths and what gives you energy on the work floor. Everything you have discovered, learned and experienced will ensure a continued growth as a professional at ASML!

About ASML

ASML is a successful Dutch high tech company that produces complex lithographic machines which supply chip producers with the necessary production capabilities for IC’s. ASML is a precursor in the world of technology and delivers systems to all leading chip producers worldwide.

More than 23.000 employees of ASML are part of the most creative thinkers in physics, mathematics, chemistry, mechatronics, optics, mechanics, software and computer science.

Program Management Office at ASML

ASML is a matrix organisation which consists of multiple Business Lines which are supported by different sectors.

The mission of ASML PMO is: ”To create operational excellence in project and program execution in order to reinforce our competitive position by being the recognized expert that drives world class program-and project management.”

Challenging personal and professional development

The ASML PMO traineeship is unique due to the combination of a challenging personal and professional development track in combination with executing a job at ASML. After one year you will switch environments and move to a different business line team within PMO. On top of that we expect you to take up one or more exciting Continuous Improvement initiatives.

During the intensive training- and development program, you will be coached on personal and professional development, both by ASML managers and your ORMIT coach. You’ll have peer-coaching sessions with other ASML trainees and you will get trainings and workshops which will contribute to your future development.

Do you have what it takes?

Kickstart your career ORMIT & ASML!

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What we ask from you:

  • A Master’s degree in a (technical) business oriented field (comparable with a Master of Science)
  • 0 – 2 years fulltime working experience
  • Excellent proficiency in English
  • Relevant extracurricular activities are an advantage
  • Strong affinity with project- and program management and process optimisation
  • A mindset that focusses on learning and improving
  • Stakeholder management skills and easy connecting with others

Are you the talent we are looking for? Take on the challenge at ASML and apply!

What you can expect from us:

  1. We will evaluate your CV and motivation
  2. We will send you an online capacity test
  3. We will invite you for two face-to-face interviews at our office
  4. You will visit ASML and meet colleagues there
  5. We will invite you to the ORMIT assessment day
  6. We will welcome you to ORMIT!

Any questions? 

Please contact our Corporate Recruiter Arlette van Lint +31(0)6 57 05 76 72. Preferably via WhatsApp. That way we can also make an appointment to have a call.

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