ORMIT & ASML EUV International Traineeship

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  • New
  • Traineeship
  • ASML
  • 2 years
  • Incompany
  • International
  • Challenging international projects at ASML
  • Two year (personal) development at ORMIT
  • Your own coach at ORMIT and mentor at ASML
  • Intensive training program focused on leadership qualities and innovative project management
  • Become an international project coordinator!
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ORMIT & ASML EUV International Traineeship

As an international project coordinator you will work in a quickly growing and extremely innovative business line at ASML, the EUV Factory. Here they produce the newest generation of chip machines with the help of the revolutionary technology of Extreme Ultraviolet Light.

The complex EUV machines are produced in Veldhoven, disassembled for transport and assembled at the client. Especially the latter is a complex process where your ability to connect and coordinate will make the difference.

As soon as you will start, you will first learn about the underlying technology of the EUV machine, whereafter you will quickly gain responsibility over the coordination of a(n) (Technical) installation project in which parts of the EUV machine will be installed at international clients. During escalations you will act swiftly and adequately within your area of responsibility and try to achieve the optimal collaboration. It is up to you to bring people and processes together. Practically speaking, this means that you will travel a lot for work. However, the predictability of when you will need to travel is low. The expectation is that you will work three weeks in Veldhoven, followed by three weeks abroad where you will coordinate an installation (for instance in South Korea and Taiwan).

This is your opportunity to work as an international project coordinator at a key player in technology. It is a chance to build a broad network, to learn and see a lot. You will be in the lead of successful installation projects on location at the client and when in Veldhoven you will implement structural improvements. With your knowledge, skills and personality you will contribute to the successful implementation of the newest and most innovative generation chip machines.

Trainee Martijn Pronk:

“As an EUV Install coordinator you will never know what crosses your path. No day is the same. There is a chance that you unexpectedly have to fly to a client, where you will work intensively on an installation project. When something doesn’t go as planned, you will be in the lead to solve the problem, of course supported by the right persons. You will work together with a colleague Install Coordination, local project teams, a whole team of ASML engineers and you will be backed by expert support teams from Veldhoven. When you return to Veldhoven you will be able to zoom out and create an impact through the implementation of structural improvements together with colleagues. The achievement I’m mostly proud of is the reduction of the installation cycle with 24 hours; an unforgettable experience!

Ambitious goals are being set and you will work hard to reach them. ORMIT helps me to take a step back from my daily duties to reflect on my own actions as a professional. Consequently, implement insights and accelerate growth. When comparing my growth curve to the curve of other colleagues at ASML, I can see a clear difference.”

Will you make the difference within ASML?

From EUV Factory Veldhoven to the client

You will start for a few weeks at ASML in Veldhoven, where also the EUV Factory is situated. At the factory the EUV machine is developed, built, tested and prepared for the client. It is a possibility that you will find yourself on a plane with your colleagues towards your first installation project at the client only three weeks later. After half a year, you will be responsible for your own installation project.

Project coordinator

The EUV machine and installation process are utterly complex. The job of the coordinator is to govern this process successfully. You are responsible for creating an overview and as a result provide insights for different stakeholders. Furthermore, you will translate wishes from the client and management back to the work floor, where the many specialists are working on the realization of these wishes.

Dynamic assignments

Typical for the EUV Factory is the experience of a dynamic environment. The control and peace you will experience one moment, can change in a heartbeat to a hectic work environment where you, as a project leader, will have to make the difference. No day is the same at the ASML EUV Factory!

A glimpse of what your traineeship will look like

  • Outdoor kickoff! We will start the traineeship with an outdoor kick off. In this way you will get to know your other trainees well within a split second.
  • The ORMIT Development Program You will learn more about yourself. You will use the input from your trainings, peer to peer coaching to grow as an international project coordinator at ASML.
  • Create Impact The focus of the second year lies on teamwork and your impact on others. With targeted feedback, out-of-the-box trainings and on-the-job iterations, you will grow every day.
  • The stepping stone to a beautiful career at ASML! After two years, you are fully aware of your strong suit and what gives you energy. Everything you have discovered, learned and experienced will ensure a continued growth as a professional at ASML!

About ASML

ASML is a successful Dutch high tech company that produces complex lithographic machines which supply chip producers with the necessary production capabilities for IC’s.  ASML is a precursor in the world of technology and delivers systems to all leading chip producers worldwide.

The more than 20.000 employees of ASML are part of the most creative thinkers in physics, mathematics, chemistry, mechatronics, optics, mechanics, software and computer science.

On a daily basis, they work together in close multidisciplinary teams where they listen to and learn from each other and share ideas. It is the ideal work environment for professional development and personal growth.

What we ask from you…..

  • A university Master diploma from a technical program. Preferably (but not exclusively) in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, applied Mathematics or applied Physics, Systems & Control; Operations Management and Logistics, Computer Engineering or Nanotechnology.
  • 0 – 2 years fulltime experience
  • Strong affinity with technology and improvement of processes
  • Relevant extracurricular activities are an advantage
  • Excellent proficiency in English
  • Self-starting, pro-active and a connector
  • Internationally oriented
  • Flexible
  • You like to solve complex situations
  • Able to act adequately in dynamic situations
  • Can direct a team, switch quickly and maintain good stakeholder management

Do you have what it takes?

Kickstart your career ORMIT & ASML!

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This is what you can expect in the oncoming two weeks...

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  • You will meet the people at ASML
  • We welcome you at ORMIT and ASML!

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