Talent is the new gold

Looking for the right talent to implement changes or to work on that crucial project? Need new talent to fill your talent pipeline? It's not easy to find top-notch talent, especially in today's tight labour market, with everyone fishing in the same pond. That's where ORMIT can make a difference. We find, develop and bind the right talent, allowing organisations to focus on their core business and continued growth.

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Perfect match

ORMIT makes organisations successful


We find talent

Only the best talent remains. They want to grow, connect, innovate and take the lead. We set the bar high: only 4% of all talents actually start a traineeship.


We develop talent

While our trainees are hard at work producing results for organisations, we make sure to optimise their potential. ORMIT is a traineeship specialist. What we offer is not just a training or a coach, but a carefully considered, two-year development programme. A programme that turns top talents into future leaders.


We bind talent

ORMIT trainees make the difference, now and in the future. They're young leaders who know how to connect people, they're decisive, they bring new expertise into organisations and their drivenness acts as a great motivator for those around them. Over 90% of trainees stay with the organisation where they had their traineeship.

"ORMIT trainees are self-aware, ambitious and know what they want. I see mature leaders and strong personalities"

By Jan Konijnenberg

Senior VP & Commercial Supply Chain Lead Personal Health Philips

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We'd love to discuss the possibilities! Of course, working with us puts you in the picture for a large group of first-rate talents. With over 1500 alumni and current trainees, the names of interesting employers spread quickly through the ORMIT network

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Multicompany traineeship

  • Flexibel top-notch talent
  • A fresh new look and renewed energy
  • Someone who manages to tag along surprisingly quickly

Incompany traineeship

  • Specific track, such as digital or finance
  • Custom traineeship
  • Targeted selection of top-notch talent
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